Reservations by Airbnblogo

Reservations by Airbnblogo

Activities in the surrounding area

Reconnect with nature

 Lippensgoed-bulskampveld and  Vagevuurbos cover an area of 540 Ha with grasslands , wetlands and woods and represents the largest forest in West Flanders.

This breathtaking place offers many possibilities to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Several routes are available for running, hiking, cycling, horse riding or simply for forest bathing. Furthermore, a magnificent playground and playwoods have been installed for children.

There is a herbal garden, De Kruiderie, that has 400 varieties of plants.

The restaurant Urban Café Lippensgoed, situated at the centre and close to the car park offers simple but good food. Many activities/workshops are organised to teach you about the workings of nature.

Adventure or organised (team-building) activities


Horse riding: Heirweghof: for horse rides, horse riding class
Heirweg 15, 8730 Beernem

Rent a bike:

De Kijkuit is situated along the Bruges-Ghent Canal and offers following activities: kajak, pedalo, SUP, mountain bike, canoe, BMX, highland games, Deathride, Climb wall, Archery, Lasershooting.

The restaurant and bar are available for lunch or dinner if booked in advance.
Contact details to book your visit: 
Kijkuit 1, 8730 Beernem - +32 50 78 15 53



The city offers the perfect combination of culture, shopping and gastronomy. Visit the Groningen Museum, Saint John’s Hospital, Saint Salvador’s Cathedral or the Church of our Lady to admire the works of the Flemish Primitives such as Jan Van Eyck and Hans Memling or go for a boat ride on the Flemish canals

The main shopping streets stretch between “de markt” and the old city gates.

Check out the website to organise your visit.



This city has numerous opportunities to combine culture and art with walking, cycling and shopping. For art and culture visit the Gravensteen, the moated castle dates from the 12th century. Saint-Bavo’s Cathedral is the oldest parish church in Ghent built in the 10th century. Discover the supreme divine art considered one of the most influential works of art of all times. Numerous museums such as the museum of arts, the Smak, the design museum and the industry museum are worth a visit.

Discover the city by foot or rent a bike, or a vespa or a boat.

Visit the website for more information