Our concept

We offer exceptional escape destinations to reconnect with nature.

Each destination is selected according to its unique surroundings. The great outdoors are never far away allowing our guests to go for unique horse rides.

The escapes are available to rent with or without horses.

The areas also offer plenty of activities for non-riders such as cycling, mountain biking, hiking, wildlife watching, forest bathing, meditation amongst others.

The lodges have been constructed with high quality materials and luxurious finishing touches to offer a most comfortable stay. The escapes are almost energy neutral.

The water is naturally filtered and rain water is captured to re-use.


The gardens are designed according to the principles of regenerative management, such as food forests.

— Maureen


As we truly value nature, our purpose is to regenerate the soil that surrounds each destination to implement climate change resistant environments, restore wildlife habitat, passively produce food and simply for our guests to disconnect and relax.

We work in harmony with nature to preserve our planet. Our purpose is to inspire our guests and provide them with a break from busy daily life to reconnect to the essence of life, mother nature, in a comfortable environment.

Other possibilities

Equistays offers the possibility to host team-buildings, workshops, meetings, etc. or even to rent the escape as a movie location, for example.


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